We help churches communicate and engage with their congregation anytime, anywhere.

We proudly serve churches of all sizes around the globe

Branded Mobile App

Core to our strategy is a church-branded mobile app built for your church body. It serves as the one-stop-shop for members and guests to check-in, watch a missed sermon, join a small group, chat with their volunteer team, give, update their church profile, and much more.

Text Engagement

The average text is read in under 5 seconds. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to connect and engage with your church body and staff. Text is an excellent way to quickly notify everyone (or a small group) of a last minute schedule change, provide the ability for members to volunteer, follow-up with guests, send reminders to staff, and much more.

Universal Giving

A consistent and secure giving experience for your donors across desktop, app, web, and text. Our PIN-enabled giving option makes giving quick and easy. Innovative features such as donor-covered fees and capital campaigns separate it from the others.

Branded Mobile App

The one-stop-shop for your congregation to connect and engage with your church like never before. This is your mobile app, for your church body. You have complete control of the look and feel, available features, push messaging, and much more.

 The one-stop-shop for your church body to communicate and engage anytime, anywhere.

Key features include:

  • Custom Video & Audio Players
  • Interactive Calendar with Easy Register
  • Attendance & Child Check-In
  • People Profiles for Personalized Experience
  • Interactive Sermon Notes & Bulletins
  • Bible Access
  • Unlimited Broadcast, Geo-targeted, & Group Push Notifications
  • Smart Forms with Payments & Real-Time Alerts
  • Live Polling
  • Two-Way Chat
  • Mobile Giving
  • Small Group Finder & Registration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Locations
  • Much More

Text Engagement

Text is a powerful and easy way to communicate and engage your congregation. Text Engagement is the first and only all-in-one text solution for your church. 4 innovative features to cover all your needs.

Outbound Text

Text messages are opened within 90 seconds of receiving them. Communicate time-sensitive reminders, schedule changes, volunteer opportunities, and more to your entire church body or to specific groups. Outbound texting helps you get the right message, to the right person, in the right way.

  • Broadcast and group-targeted text messaging.
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing to ensure you only pay when you send text messages.
  • Include links to your registration forms, connection cards, and more. All built to help you increase response rates on your key initiatives.


Make next steps easy for newcomers and members alike by allowing them to text a keyword to your number. Text “Connect” to receive a connection card, text “Missions” to partner with missionaries, text “Small Group” to sign up for a small group.You define the keywords and responses for your congregation. When you give your church body a call-to-action, it’s important to make it easy for them to take immediate action.

  • Unlimited keywords and responses.
  • Include links to your registration forms, connection cards, and more. All built to help you increase response rates on your key initiatives.

Welcome Concierge

Gathering and keeping up-to-date contact information for your church body is a herculean task. We’ve made it easier than ever through text. “Welcome Concierge” lets your congregants create and/or update their profile through text. They simply text the word “Hello” to your dedicated text number and a profile is automatically created. The more they interact through your aware3-powered services, the more robust their profile becomes. Our goal is to help you connect with everyone that walks through your doors.


Texting is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to give. Using your same dedicated Text Engagement phone number, your members give one-time and recurring gifts in a matter of seconds. First-time visitors or givers do not need to have your website, your app, or a checkbook to give!

Universal Giving

All of your online giving needs under one roof. A secure and innovative approach that allows people to give anytime, anywhere.

Universal Giving

All of your online giving needs covered under one roof. A fully-branded and secure giving experience for your website, text-to-give, mobile app and mobile browser. You can use all of it or just the parts you need. When used together it creates a consistent and secure giving experience for your donors regardless of the channel they choose in that moment.

  • One-time and recurring gifts via credit, debit, and ACH
  • Passcode-enabled giving makes giving possible in 5 seconds
  • Intuitive reconciliation tools
  • Simple, low processing rates

Giver-Covered Fees

How does a 0% transaction fee sound? Let givers extend their gift to cover the transaction fee for their gift. They check a box, and your fees are gone. It’s that easy.

Capital Campaigns

Engage congregants a specific ministry-funding opportunity. Raise funds for your outreach to the homeless, create an ongoing fund for global missionaries or engage your people in supporting the church expansion. Create a campaign with imagery, share the vision, set a financial goal, and watch the results. See what this feature did for Mission Church.