The Power of Connection in Your Church

I know that I am dating myself, but I still remember the opening sequence in Cheers. I think one of the reasons that that show connected with so many people was that we are all looking for a [...]

Partner Spotlight: Revivify Church

Meet Jason and our friends at Revivify Church Revivify is a term to describe life and energy being restored to something that is dormant or dying. You don’t have to watch HGTV for long to see [...]

Partner Spotlight: Abundant Life Church

Meet Ryan and our friends at Abundant Life Church Abundant Life Church is a having a large impact in a small community! Back in the 80’s this church was planted in a community outside of [...]

Measurements that Matter for Church

I can still hear my dad standing in the garage showing me how to use his power tools for the first time. “Son, measure twice and cut once.”  At the time, I don’t think that I fully understood [...]