Communication Is Personal

The most basic form of human interaction is communication. Communication first started as pictures, symbols, and grunts but it eventually evolved to words, phrases, and sentences that helped [...]

5 Essential Christian Apps

Some people might say that the app industry is fickle. Asking people to invest time, effort and potentially dollars to download your app is almost an impossible ask in an already crowded [...]

Keep Your Church Thriving This Summer

It’s almost summer! Not to catch you off guard, but the last day of school for your kids is approaching even faster. When summer hits, people go places. Not just to keep the kids occupied, but to [...]

Release Notes: May 2017

Notable features from this month’s series of releases: Form fields are now either required or optional (AMP-2002, ∞ All Versions). Outbound Texting is now available as a standalone product [...]

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