What’s new at aware3: Giving And People Profiles

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3 Enhancements This Week


(Yes, there is more since last week)

Export Only the Relevant Donations

This week, we added the ability to export your filtered transactions results from the aware3 portal. Want to save all ACH gifts made in 2017 to one file? Use the filters on the Transactions tab to set parameters, click Export at the bottom of the page, and select Current List.

People Profiles

Export Only the Relevant Profiles

You can now also export filtered profile reports. Want to save all profiles with zip code 64106? Filter profiles by postal code, hit Export, and select Current List. Curious who all receives your Men’s Ministry messages? Filter profiles by Tag, and send that report to your Men’s Ministry leader.

Freeform Custom ID Field on Profiles

Some churches want to select profiles by male/female. Others want to mark “Robinson Family” for 8 profiles. Many want to assign a unique ID to every profile to track gifts (PowerChurch bookkeepers, we see you).

When you want an additional notation for your profiles, select the pencil icon next to the profile to add up to 150 characters. This custom ID, whether a gender, family name, or unique code, will be included with any export of profiles or transactions.

All enhancements are available to check out in the aware3 portal today!

As you take a look around, we’re here for any questions big or small at support@aware3.com.

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