What’s new at aware3: Giving Dashboard

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Giving Dashboard

What’s new at aware3: Giving Dashboard

The aware3 Giving Dashboard is a powerful way to gain valuable insight into the giving trends of your church. It gives you a quick and easy view into key areas including:

Total Giving Growth

Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly trends

Credit & Debit vs. ACH

Giving Channel Adoption

Fund Participation

One-time vs. Recurring

If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

We’ve made measuring easy.

What’s new at aware3: Giving Dashboard
  1. Giving Totals: Total giving, by channel, for any date range.
  2. Date Range Filter: Dynamically apply a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly filter to understand your results for a specific point in time.
  3. Giving Type: Are your donors giving more via credit/debit or ACH?
  4. Funds: What funds have been the most successful?
  5. Giving Channels: What giving channel do your donors prefer (e.g. web, mobile, text, etc.)?
  6. One-time & Recurring Gifts: What percent of your total giving is recurring? Is your recurring giving increasing?

The Dashboard is now available under Giving → Dashboard in the aware3 Portal to all partners that utilize aware3 Giving. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Have questions? Let us know how we can help at support@aware3.com.

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