Put aware3 to Work: Embracing the Summer Slump

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Put aware3 to work.

We have ways to keep your mobile tools fresh in every season.

Church attendance may be down in the summer, but your mobile app can help you kiss ? the summer slump goodbye!

1. Become part of your members’ summer plans 

Sure, people will be busy, so keep them busy with your events! Take advantage of the warmer weather during these months to maintain fellowship by hosting picnics, softball tournaments, and service projects.

Your app in action: Create a focal point for all things summer. A Feature Hub (named ‘Summer Hub,’ for example) gives one simple place to see what’s going on and connect while they’re away.

2. Set it and forget it

Make continuing generosity a breeze. Encourage your congregation to set up recurring gifts for the summer months if they won’t be physically in church.

Your app in action: Dedicate an app feature to emphasize how recurring gifts can be set up and managed. Highlight the benefits of recurring gifts for busy families who are juggling lots of events and responsibilities during this season.

3. Make VBS Registration Simple

Outreach is a focus for most Vacation Bible School programs. Church members appreciate easy ways to spread the word and make registration as simple as possible. Skip the paper registration forms, mailed checks, and physical trips to the church building by directing friends and neighbors to the app.

Your app in action: Dedicate a feature to all things VBS ⚽. Include curriculum information, an intro video, registration forms, volunteer sign-up, and staff contact info. Share highlights from each day so parents get a glimpse of what their kids are learning.

4. Continue communicating

Keep your community in the loop by directing people to this week’s announcements, upcoming events, and new sermon content – even if they happen to miss Sunday service.

Your app in action: Draw attention to app content with push messages ?. Use content-targeted messages to emphasize your Summer Hub, summer events calendar, or VBS information.

5. Sermon Center

Church members on vacation this week? No problem. Remind them that they can take this part of church with them by accessing your sermons on the app.

Your app in action: Include sermon videos ?️, live streaming, or podcasts ? in a feature dedicated to Media. Help people interact with sermon content (sermon notes or discussion guides ?️) while they’re away!

Your mobile app can help your church embrace the uniqueness of the summer months. Need a hand? Reach out to support@aware3.com.

Got your own story to share? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us the creative uses you have for any of the aware3 features. An upcoming post can feature your idea to inspire and serve churches all across the globe.
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