2018 Year in Review

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Looking Back on 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we’re taking time to recap and celebrate what we’ve accomplished this year. Not only did our headquarters move to an awesome new space in downtown Kansas City, our team also tripled in size AND we got a new coffee pot. This makes our co-founder Joe very happy and caffeinated.

We had a few firsts this year. Three team members added fur babies to their families, we took our first bird scooter rides (or should we say ‘our first flights?’), and we compiled our very own aware3 team Spotify playlist. We ate our fair share of The Best Breakfast Sandwich in Kansas City at our favorite local coffeehouse/bistro Mildred’s around the corner from our new office. We started a tradition of collecting silly and random mugs to wash down all those breakfast sandwiches and to christen our new coffee pot.


We played hard this year, but we also worked hard. In addition to all of the feature enhancements we roll out on a weekly basis, we also improved our entire platform by migrating our infrastructure to AWS (Amazon Web Services), the same platform Netflix and Uber are on. Customer support is important to us, so we added several new team members to make sure our customers are successful.

For most of 2018, our focus has been on building features that help promote member engagement. Here are some of the major features that we’re excited to have added this year!


A digital directory places current contact information in the palm of your members’ hands. Easily send a text, place a call, or send an email straight from your app. Paper directories fall short because the information is often obsolete as soon as it’s printed. Going digital means that you’ll never have to worry about out-of-date contacts again.

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Understand your people better with upgraded Profiles. We’ve consolidated existing profile information with new functionality, creating a more robust way to find everything you want to know about your people. The best part? These holistic profiles are more than just a name and address. They include interests, activity, contact info, etc. and are all in one place in the admin portal.

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We know money can make a huge difference in your church. It’s our mission to create features that streamline the giving process, take the headache out of manual tracking, and make it easier than ever to contribute to a greater good. With giving pledges, you can invite people to commit to a planned set of gifts. You’ll be able to secure donations and accurately forecast the amount of money coming in.

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We heard your feedback that having customized giving receipts would personalize the donation experience for your community. We’re excited that this enhancement is now a reality, and email receipts can be customized!

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Calendaring is one of the biggest ways for organizations to keep people informed about what’s happening in their community. Calendar management is now part of this one-stop-shop, streamlining yet another part of your workflow.

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Faith-Based School Engagement

This year we started helping communities similar to our church organizations. Faith-based schools can now leverage our suite of engagement tools to enable parents, administration, and alumni to connect and communicate. (Want to refer a school? Send a note to sales@aware3.com.)

We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. We look forward to rolling out more member engagement features, like attendance, groups, and volunteering, just to name a few.

We’ve been getting great feedback from our amazing customers. Check out some nice things people have said about us.

We hope your holiday season is filled with joy and wish you well in 2019.

Did any of these new features pique your interest?

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If you missed it, join our CEO Tony for a short video recap and see all that we’ve been up to this year.