Release Notes: November 08, 2019

Notable bug fixes in this series of releases:

  • Admins were unable to select fund and frequency amount on pledge link generator link (AMP-6433)
  • “Open internally, but open links in new window?” link setting was opening ALL links externally (AMP-6433)

Enhancements & new features included in this series of releases:

  • Several Appeals enhancements were made. 
    • Functional enhancements:
      • As a portal admin, you now have the ability to:
        • Upload a primary logo in the page header for cohesive branding across all your giving channels
        • Upload secondary logos in the header and footer (this feature is useful if you have partner organizations or sponsors that should be visually represented in the initiative)
        • Upload multiple images (up to 3) related to your appeal
        • Separate the description into two sections with an “About” and “More Details” section
    • Overall visual enhancements:
      • Appeal pages are now branded with their organization’s logo, and supporting logos if elected by the portal admin
      • Donors get a broader glimpse into the appeal’s initiative and impact with the ability to view multiple images related to the appeal
      • Content about the appeal is now easier for the donor to read and peruse, especially on mobile devices
        • The new “About” section highlights a short, high-level description of the appeal while more in-depth information can be viewed in the “More Details” section
        • Paragraph line breaks are now supported in both the “About” and “More Details” sections for a better reading experience

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Release Notes: November 08, 2019
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