3 Reasons Why Volunteer Appreciation Matters

Volunteers are the lifeblood of your church. They give their time freely because of a passion for the ministry it serves. Without their help your church wouldn’t function in the same way, which is why it’s so important to give gratitude when you can. Volunteer appreciation is all about recognizing those priceless, wonderful, selfless people who sacrifice their time, money, or energy to serve. Here’s a few reasons why it matters:

  1. All humans need to be recognized in a meaningful way for their efforts

People want to know their work makes a difference. This helps build self-esteem, motivation, confidence, and a sense of community. Recognition is an important component of keeping volunteers around and coming back to serve. When volunteers feel appreciated and important, they’re more likely to feel connected to the church and continue their involvement.

  1. Volunteers often don’t just donate their time but their money as well

Those actively involved in their community want to give their money to causes they care about. One survey discovered that most volunteers are donors, and donors are most often volunteers. The two roles are closely intertwined.

In one survey, 70% of donors volunteered the prior year, with some giving 50 hours or more to their church or a charity. The same survey also found that half of the volunteers say they give because they volunteer.

  1. Appreciated volunteers are more likely to become passionate ambassadors

A spirited volunteer culture brings your members closer together and ignites the light within others. When volunteers feel good about the work they do to serve their church they’re more likely to tell their friends or others in the community. Volunteers that feel recognized and appreciated for their efforts become enthusiastic ambassadors, inspiring others to serve along with them.