3 tips for engaging Gen X volunteers

1. Be upfront + transparent

This generation is big on researching causes they care about. Being transparent about church initiatives from the get-go will help them move forward faster, and with more confidence. From the pulpit to email communications, lay out why you’ve chosen this initiative, what is needed, and how it will make an impact. 60% of Gen X donors research an organization before giving to the mission.

2. Provide a healthy balance of independence + feedback

Known for their independent and entrepreneurial spirit, Gen X appreciates clear expectations and processes, but not micro-management. Set them up for success and then let them have fun with it. That said, these folks value immediate and on-going feedback, so if you see them doing a great job or have a constructive suggestion, don’t be afraid to provide feedback.

3. Honor their time

Much like Millennials, Gen X is always on the go. From demanding careers to busy family schedules, efficiency and flexibility are big draws for them. They don’t expect you to bend over backwards to accommodate their every need, but they are looking for big picture things like efficient processes + tools that provide flexibility. (This is good for everyone!)


  • Offer a virtual training class or pre-recorded class so they can tune in when it’s convenient
  • Let them sign up + pay for an event via text or in-app
  • Make sure everyone knows what’s expected in detailed terms (this prevents wasted time + efforts)