3 tips for engaging Millennial volunteers

1. Listen to their passions + Leverage their skill sets.

Millennials deeply appreciate the opportunity to use their talents and passions to serve. In fact, 70% of Millennials said they’re more likely to volunteer when they can use their specific skills or expertise to benefit a cause.

2. Tell a story.

Millennials are moved by personal connection and the desire to make an impact. Sharing testimonials from volunteers, the impact a cause had on a particular individual, and painting an emotional picture, will go a long way with this group.

3. Tap into positive peer influence.

The volunteer experts at Bridgeworks say, “Peer influence plays an important role in motivating Millennials to volunteer, attend events, participate in programs, and give.” This means Millennials can be moved to action fairly easily by their peers and vice versa. That’s why discussing and promoting volunteer opportunities through small groups, church events, and other group settings is so important.