This season, bring your community together.


Our interactive Advent Calendar will help you sled into the holidays packed with bite sized tips + tricks you can implement right away to rally volunteers.

Week 1: The more the merrier 🎄

Tactics + tools for reaching your people + upping participation

Day 1 | November 28th

The Holiday Mindset: 3 Ways Pastors Can Improve Member Engagement This Season

Day 2 | November 29th

3 tips for engaging
Gen Z volunteers

Day 3 | November 30th

3 tips for engaging
Millennial volunteers

Day 4 | December 1st

3 tips for engaging
Gen X volunteers

Day 5 | December 2nd

3 tips for engaging
Boomer volunteers

Day 6 | December 3rd

Ideas for virtual, in-person,
hybrid volunteering

Day 7 | December 4th

Pete the elf’s tools of the week: Forms + Registrations

Week 2: Lighting the way 🕯️

Tips + tools for clear communication, next steps, and volunteer activation

Day 8 | December 5th

9 Easy To Use Strategies For Retaining Volunteers

Day 9 | December 6th

How to set clear (not vague!)
church volunteer expectations

Day 10 | December 7th

What is a CTA? Here’s why these three letters are so important to your church.

Day 11 | December 8th

Video: Pastor Conor talks communication + keeping people connected

Day 12 | December 9th

Group Poll: What’s the hardest part about volunteer communications?

Day 13 | December 10th

4 spirited ways to increase volunteer engagement from a Church Media Director

Day 14 | December 11th

Pete the elf’s tools of the week: Text + Push Notifications

Week 3: Tis the reason for the season ⛪

Digging deeper + casting a vision

Day 15 | December 12th

4 Surprising Benefits
of Volunteering

Day 16 | December 13th

3 Common Volunteer
Myths Debunked

Day 17 | December 14th

What does an
engaged vs unengaged
volunteer look like?

Day 18 | December 15th

Case Study: How Grace Lutheran Church Found New Ways To Connect Their Members

Day 19 | December 16th

Step-by-step worksheet:
Helping craft your “Why”

Day 20 | December 17th

Video: Executive Pastor Bobby talks success
with Giving

Day 21 | December 18th

Pete the elf’s tools of the week: Mobile App + Volunteering

Week 4: The gift of gratitude 🎁

Ways to show your volunteers they’re valued + the impact they’re making

Day 22 | December 19th

3 Reasons Why Volunteer Appreciation Matters

Day 23 | December 20th

How Church Leaders Can Show Volunteers Their Impact

Day 24 | December 21st

11 Creative Ways To Show Volunteer Appreciation

Day 25 | December 22nd

Volunteer Follow Up Surveys: Questions to Ask + Templates

Day 26 | December 23rd

Case Study: How STSA
Church Increased
Member Engagement

Day 27 | December 24th

Pete the elf’s tools of the week: Giving + Volunteering

Day 28 | December 25th

A Christmas Greeting
For You From Us

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