A truly all-in-one church app

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A truly all-in-one church app

A truly custom,
branded church app.

No two churches are the same. Your church has a special way of sharing and living the Word of God. Your journey is full of unique challenges, needs, and opportunities. That’s why you won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions here. We work with you to create a digital space where you can authentically engage, communicate, inspire generosity, and ultimately, mobilize your mission.

A truly all-in-one church app

Choose the design, graphics, and features that feel right for your church.


Engagement happens when members of your church are committed, emotionally invested, and actively participating in your church’s greater mission. Here are a few features that will help get your members engaged:

A truly all-in-one church app
A truly all-in-one church app

Live Polling &
Interactive Sermon Notes

From thought-provoking questions to light-hearted groups surveys, our easy-to-use live polls are a great way to connect with your audience.

A truly all-in-one church app

Content: Podcasts,
Blogs, Video and more.

Remember that “emotionally invested” part of engagement? Podcasts, blogs, and video are all ways you can share your heart and cultivate your church culture beyond Sunday. A church app puts all your content in one accessible place for your members.

A truly all-in-one church app

& Registrations

Track attendance for services and events, and allow members to conveniently register for events. Plus, aware3 forms save user information so members only have to fill out a profile one time.


It goes without saying, but effective communication is imperative to a healthy church community. Our communication features get the right messages to the right people at the right time.

A truly all-in-one church app
A truly all-in-one church app


Chat is a live two-way communication channel. Enable your ministries and groups to connect in real-time without barriers.

A truly all-in-one church app

Text Communications:
Outbound Text, Text-to-Act, Welcome Concierge

269 billion emails are sent each day. Skip the noise and opt for a text instead. Schedule and send messages, welcome new members, and increase participation with a simple text. Check out our full range of impactful Text Engagement options.

A truly all-in-one church app

Push Messages

Send reminders, volunteer opportunities, and even surveys to all your app users in real-time.


Giving isn’t just financial, it’s biblical. Our app knocks down transactional and emotional barriers to help you create joyful givers. Equip your members with these meaningful, easy-use-tools and boost giving by as much as 31%

A truly all-in-one church app
A truly all-in-one church app

Recurring giving

We want as few barriers to giving as possible. That’s why our recurring giving feature makes automatic weekly or monthly giving a breeze.

A truly all-in-one church app


Take recurring giving a step further by encouraging your members to pledge a gift over time. Use our standard pledge page or customize your own pledge page to target outreach to high-dollar donors.

A truly all-in-one church app


It’s texting for the win again! With Text-to-Give, members can easily gift right from their phone no wallet required.

Feel secure & supported.

To create a stellar app experience, users need to feel safe to share information and empowered to engage. That starts with a secure, seamless app. That’s why we’re all about airtight tech and top-notch support.

A truly all-in-one church app

“The app was easy to setup and is simple to make adjustments to. The backside interface is very intuitive. Integrated online giving through the app has been a game changer that many in our church make use of.”

Jason Durant, Lead Pastor
Troy Church

A truly all-in-one church app

“Giving through our Aware 3 app couldn’t be easier. We are also able to register people for upcoming events! Our Aware 3 app has enabled our church community to stay connected and work smoothly together.”

Greg Doebler, Lead Pastor
Crosspoint Church

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A truly all-in-one church app

All-in-one. All connected. All you need.

To us, the best church app is one that helps you grow and connect all areas of your church–in a way that’s true to your church’s brand. We filled our customizable app with features that not only serve everyone in your church, from members to staff but also reaches them on a deeper level.