Wanna love what you do?

We sure do. Come work with us.

Career Growth

Whatever path you envision for yourself, we want to help you move forward.

Inclusive Community

This is what community is all about, right? All different walks of life coming together to connect, share, and push limits.

Meaningful work

The work that we do matters. To us as a team, but also to communities all over the country. We feel pretty darn lucky to be able to say that.


Collaboration is the name of the game. Together, we work hard, have fun, and make sure to spread around plenty of gratitude (and cute pet pics) along the way.


From health insurance & comprehensive wellness benefits to parental leave & flexible vacation, we care about your health and your future.

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Impacting churches & beyond

Aware3 partners with communities who do great things. We build tools primarily for churches, schools and nonprofits looking to strengthen relationships and grow impact.

Current Openings

“I love the atmosphere here! Everyone is so caring about the team as a whole and you as an individual. There is an overwhelming amount of support here at aware3, for the employees and customers. A helping hand is always waiting to be extended to you! The passion and drive of this company and its team members is inspiring! aware3 is a one of a kind company that I am so thankful to be a part of. (: ”

— Stefanie, Customer Success Team

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