How Church Leaders Can Show Volunteers Their Impact

Members that give time to their church or an organization they care about are more likely to inspire others to serve when they feel appreciated and valued. But giving thanks doesn’t have to be expensive—you can give thanks + show your volunteers the impact they’re making in an easy, accessible way. By using graphs, videos, and colorful visuals you can provide your volunteers with a fun and engaging way they can see their selfless efforts come to life.

Here are some great examples of how volunteers were showed the impact of their work using:

The Numbers

Volunteers of America created an easy-to-read visual for their volunteers to see not just the large scope of how many people they reached but the different types of communities they served as well.

Girls Who Code put their numbers into a bright, colorful visual for volunteers to easily see the data behind the population they serve through their volunteer work.

The People

The Gathering Baptist Church used a fun video to highlight its volunteers during a food drive the church hosted during the summer of 2021.

Example 2: Summit Church

Summit Church used a short video to highlight two members in their church who are active members in the community in an inspiring spotlight on why they serve.

The Stories

Example 1: STSA Church

STSA Church uses their app to showcase videos of inspiring member stories and the global impact they have when they serve.

Ocean View Church designed an eye-catching visual to highlight the important work the church does during mission trips and the story of the impact they have in the communities they reach.