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Centering on your Mission Workbook 2021

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The post-pandemic church. A phrase that brings music to our ears, but also poses a ton of questions. Filled with anticipation for the future, you might say to yourself, “I’m so ready! But where do I even begin?”

Our hope is that this workbook will act as a helpful companion on your church’s journey ahead. Here’s what we’ll navigate together:

A Perspective Shift:

Set your church up for success with helpful planning insights + considerations.

Time to Evaluate:

From emotional to technical, learn how to level-set as a community.

+Free worksheets, survey templates, and more!

Futurize Your Church:

Move from evaluation to action in 5 easy steps.

+Engagement guidance, Pastor pro tips, and free resources!

“We think the future’s bright…We said, for the first 6 months of 2021, what’s the one thing that each of us needs to do in order to move the mission and the ministry forward? There’s something super powerful when a team gets aligned to their one thing.”

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