30+ Effective and Stress-Free Church Forms

Take the guesswork out of managing your church’s information—for you and your members.

There’s no question, a lot of important information is swirling amongst your congregation. Have you found yourself at a loss for what forms you need when? It’s time to stop spinning your wheels trying to navigate one check-in form to rule them all and to become strategic about which forms you use within your church.

From years of working closely with our church partners, here are the tried-and-true forms solving the information-gathering puzzle.

Care & Ministry Requests

Provide multiple options for church members to care for one another and their leadership so they no longer feel restricted on practicing goodwill.

  • Contact a leader
    • Church admin
    • Church financial leader
    • Small group leader
    • Sunday School teacher
    • Plan your visit
      • Bonus: Go the extra mile for your visitors with a “Have a question or need special accommodations?” portion! 
      • Prayer requests 
      • Prayer wall


        Eliminate the stress for your members attending your events—no matter where they are tuning in.

        • Events
          • You can even include a payment!


          • New visitor connect card
          • Sunday school 
          • Traditional, in-person worship service 
          • Virtual worship service


            Eliminate the stress for your members attending your events—no matter where they are tuning in.


            Make it easy to ask important questions and feedback—anonymously or named.


              Take the chore out of housekeeping by creating forms housing every possible piece of information you will need from your members.

              • Event food allergies 
              • Event permission “slips”
              • Parental consent/release form
              • Sunday coffee sign-ups


                Say goodbye to the headache of endless lists of entries by providing multiple channels for specific registrations.

                • Adult retreat
                • Camp
                  • Camper w/ payment
                  • Camp counselor
                  • Camp teams


                    • Crisis response
                      • Crisis response ministries
                      • Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes


                      • Choir/worship band
                      • Conference
                        • Attendee
                        • Session leader
                        • Greeter/Offering Attendant/Acolyte
                          New/Member Classes
                        • Small-Group Signups
                        • Teen retreat
                        • VBS
                          • Leader
                          • Student
                          • Teacher
                        • Volunteer
                          • Food train
                          • Grocery run
                          • Errand run

                        Get the information you need in a manner that doesn’t weigh down a single member of your church (including you!) There’s a lot going on at your church. Let’s make it easier. 

                        If you would like to see how Together+ forms can power participation at your church, we encourage you to schedule a call with one of our Engagement Specialists today!