30+ Effective and Stress-Free Church Forms

Take the guesswork out of managing your church’s information—for you and your members.

There’s no question, a lot of important information is swirling amongst your congregation. Have you found yourself at a loss for what forms you need when? It’s time to stop spinning your wheels trying to navigate one check-in form to rule them all and to become strategic about which forms you use within your church.

From years of working closely with our church partners, here are the tried-and-true forms solving the information-gathering puzzle.

Care & Ministry Requests

Provide multiple options for church members to care for one another and their leadership so they no longer feel restricted on practicing goodwill.

  • Contact a leader
    • Church admin
    • Church financial leader
    • Small group leader
    • Sunday School teacher
    • Plan your visit
      • Bonus: Go the extra mile for your visitors with a “Have a question or need special accommodations?” portion! 
      • Prayer requests 
      • Prayer wall


        Eliminate the stress for your members attending your events—no matter where they are tuning in.

        • Events
          • You can even include a payment!


          • New visitor connect card
          • Sunday school 
          • Traditional, in-person worship service 
          • Virtual worship service


            Eliminate the stress for your members attending your events—no matter where they are tuning in.

            • Online communion event
            • Worship time registrations 
            • Virtual check-in
            • Health Screening form


            Make it easy to ask important questions and feedback—anonymously or named.

            • COVID/Virtual Church adjustments
            • Sunday School 
            • Small group 
            • Virtual events 
            • Worship service 
            • Youth group


              Take the chore out of housekeeping by creating forms housing every possible piece of information you will need from your members.

              • Event food allergies 
              • Event permission “slips”
              • Parental consent/release form
              • Sunday coffee sign-ups


                Say goodbye to the headache of endless lists of entries by providing multiple channels for specific registrations.

                • Adult retreat
                • Camp
                  • Camper w/ payment
                  • Camp counselor
                  • Camp teams


                    • Crisis response
                      • Crisis response ministries
                      • Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes


                      • Choir/worship band
                      • Conference
                        • Attendee
                        • Session leader
                        • Greeter/Offering Attendant/Acolyte
                          New/Member Classes
                        • Small-Group Signups
                        • Teen retreat
                        • VBS
                          • Leader
                          • Student
                          • Teacher
                        • Volunteer
                          • Food train
                          • Grocery run
                          • Errand run

                        Get the information you need in a manner that doesn’t weigh down a single member of your church (including you!) There’s a lot going on at your church. Let’s make it easier. 

                        If you would like to see how Together+ forms can power participation at your church, we encourage you to schedule a call with one of our Engagement Specialists today!