What does an engaged vs unengaged volunteer look like?

Volunteer engagement can have an impact on your overall church community and the goals you hope to accomplish. Before you can take meaningful steps to solve the problem of disengagement, it’s essential that you can recognize and differentiate engaged volunteers from disengaged ones. Here’s an easy guide on how to gauge the health and overall interest of your volunteers.

Now that you know how to gauge your volunteers’ engagement levels it’s important to understand the benefits of engaging your members and retaining them as you move forward.

Engaged members:

  • Selflessly give their time + resources + gifts to uplift the church
  • Are spiritually committed + help others deepen their faith
  • Are proud to belong there + inspire others to participate with their passion to serve 

When you have more engaged members they become the lifeblood of the church and help you cast your vision and build a stronger community.

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“Focus twice as much on the why instead of the what. Because if we paint
the picture of what could be and should be, if we lead with inspiration and
vision, if we talk about the why, almost any church member will do whatever
it takes if they understand the why and where we’re going”

— Executive Pastor, Bobby McGraw of Sugar Hill Church